Current events

Week 10: Sea world (Jenna)
Update: Urge Seaworld to Send Orcas to Sea Sanctuaries and Stop the Use of All Animals
Inspiring Connections Help SeaWorld Trainers Care for Animals
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Week 11: GMO’s (Coleman)
GMO’s are nothign to fear
Your suspicions about GMO Crops Were Just Confirmed by a NYT Report
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Week 13: Daylight Savings (Hannah)
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Daylight Savings is Great

Week 26: Drones

Week 28: Smartphones
Half of Teens Think They’re Addicted to Their Smart Phones
Teens and Mobile Phones (read the first page)

video recording how many people are addicted to their phones
bar graph(first picture) and other graphs
video, info on a person who is really addicted to smartphone and can’t live without it
cartoon whiteboard video about how our phones change us

Week 29 Wild Horses
Most of the horses we think of as “wild” are just domesticated horses gone feral. There is only one type of horse that remains utterly wild
Article: The Wild Horse Returns to Mongolia

Week 30
Mei is the mother of twin cubs and one of them dies
This talks about what pandas do and thing that have happened

Week 31
60 Percent of Some Antarctic Penguin Colonies Could Decline by 2100, Study Says
Global warming threatens Antarctica’s emperor penguins
more information climate diaries

Week 32 F-22
US F-22s intercept Russian bombers off Alaska coast
US Dispatches F-22 Stealth Fighters to Intercept Syrian Aircraft
Check out these videos US F-22s Intercept Russian Bombers Off Alaska Coast
Russian bombers seen off California coast, NORAD scrambles F-22

Week 33 North Korea
This video is about how North Korea is prepared for war at anytime and that they are seeing U.S and their allies as a threat instead as allies.
This video is about how North korea can use their nuclear weapons at any time and warning the U.S to stay away.
Statistics about use of missiles