GLOBE projects

Here is a link to the student resource page for the GLOBE site. Please use this throughout the process

5th grade question: How does the amount of dissolved oxygen affect macro invertebrates?
Hypothesis: If the dissolved oxygen levels are higher then there is more variety in macro invertebrates.

6th grade question: How does the water temperature affect the run of salmon in Beaver Creek or Anchor River?
Hypothesis: The colder the water temperature the more salmon will pass through.

Thursday March 30: What is the scientific process. Use the left margin to 9 steps. Write a summary of the steps in your own words.

Formulating questions

Deadline: Friday March 31st – individuals need to fill out form What makes a good research question

Thursday April 6: Guide to asking questions
5th grade: revise question, write hypothesis, complete reading on DO and take notes.
6th grade: hypothesis, review how to visualize data and find our site in the database
Visualize data

Deadline April 13th: Retrieve data -practice using their database and collect our site info pertinent to your project. Turn in data notes and research

Thursday April 13th: Investigation – work on project
Fill out registration form
media release form
Deadline: April 25th
*MUST follow this Poster template

Thursday April 27th: Research Report Format
Deadline: research report Due May 11th
Sample report