Language Arts

Homework Accountability Form
Ed Performance site ID: 11-6774-7439
Lexia Core 5

Skimmer project for Home of the Brave

Six Word Summer Memoir

Scavenger hunt: exploring the Functionality of Google Docs 2016

Online Discussions
Google Classroom online discussion access code 5x06e3

Reading and writing weekly reflection

How to pop-up card

in-text citation reference, tutorial, video


poetic helper

AMP introduction tools 

AMP how to use universal tools

AMP introduction

Edperformance   Site ID: 11-6774-7439

Compare Chief Joseph and Oliver Howard as leaders

“Captain Dang Tames the Alhambra Beast”

The Future is Ours

Snuggie Article

Prezi directions 

Example T-notes Global Warming

Week 11 Poem

Week 10: What kind of learner are you?  Take the quiz to find out. Remember to print your results to keep in your binder.

Week 10 Note Taking and note taking video

Week 9: Watch this video and use the paper to prepare for a discussion on the topic.  Remember, you need to have evidence to support your opinion.

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