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Home of the Brave
Part 1
Page 1-13 Snow – God With A Wet Nose Part 1
Page 17-23 Welcome to Minnesota – Lessons
Page 25-32 Good Byes – Bed
Page 37-47 Brother – Mama
Page 49 Sleep Story – Bus

Part 2
Page 56-76 Information-Lunch
Page 79-99 Fries – Not-smart Boy
Page 102-120 Magic Milk – Cows and Cookies
Page 123-150 Night Talk – The Question
Page 152-178 Apple – Bad News
Page 182-195 No More – More Bad News
Page 198-206 Sleep Story – Bus
Page 210-243 Treed – Epilogue
Page 227-249 Part 4 and Epilogue read aloud

Week 11 choice time RTS and legends
After reading about Tlingit culture and reading a variety of legends respond to the following and turn into the reading bin:
1. What are the legends common features, including the importance of animals?
2. The book you are about to read, Touching Spirit Bear, is about a teenager who has a choice between going to jail or participating in a Tlingit custom called Circle Justice, which involves being banished to an island in Alaska for a year. What do you think it would be like to be banished on an island in Alaska for a year.

Homework accountability form
Reading goal weekly reflection

Reader’s Theater scripts more, 6th grade scripts Scripts

Reading notes
Touching Spirit Bear week 14 Google classroom prompt
Touching Spirit Bear <a
Week 14 Quiz Chapters 14-22
href=””>Quiz week 13
Week 13 Google classroom prompt

Good fit books
Touching Spirit bear
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 and 5
Chapter 6 and 7
Chapter 7 and 8
Chapter 9 and 10
Chapter 11 and 12
Chapter 13-15
Chapter 16-18
Chapter 19-21
Chapter 22-24
Chapter 25-26
Chapter 27-28

Literature Cirlce prep

Zlateh the Goat

Pretest Genres

Genres overview

Finding theme notes and video 

Eating bugs article & Countries That Eat Bugs, discussion questions 

Reading Log

Cause and effect inference cause and effect, song Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,

Example Reading Response Journal

Reading reactions are due every Friday. Students must respond to each of the 6 categories with part of the text in their response, as well as a connection to their lives or the real world. They also need to write how much they read each day. they must read at least 2 hours every week outside of school.

Template for reading reaction

Expectations for reading reaction

Reading reaction scoresheet

Conferencing expectations


If you are looking for a good fit book you can check your interests and find a list of books in your lexile range.

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