Social Studies

Homework accountability form

Choose a primary and secondary source on the SAME topic to compare.

Geography Information

Great wall of China Padlet
Station Rotation 2
China Station Rotation

Current events sample US Restricts Sonar and Lethal Sonar

China class project

Community, citizen and leaders
Citizenship group: Anthony, Cadence, Eryn, Tatiana, Jakob
Political Party Kayden, Hannah, Jenna, Josh
Citizenship assessment: Fracking permit AND discussion

Refusal skills

Learn your states, practice your states, learn your capitals, practice your capitals, learn the geographic regions, practice the geographic regions

Places: Compare and contrast places, and how people identify with place

geography practice AND practice

Arctic drilling and article senate bill would give oil companies a decade more article prohibiting drilling AND Article Obama explains why he approves Arctic drilling

Current events example

current events site 

Current Events

Group project partner evaluations

Assessment questions: Culture and Geography

Cooperative group project 

After reading pages 22-23 and exploring this site Earth’ surface.  Answer the following questions  on a separate sheet of paper. YOU MUST WRITE YOUR RESPONSES ON A SEPARATE SHEET

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